General Tournaments Rules

  • For PC tournaments, you have until Friday at 11:59:59 PM to register or change your team.
  • For Consoles tournaments, you have until Saturday at 8:59:59 AM to register or change your team.
  • You must be ready and have read all the rules for your respective tournament before Saturday at 8:59:59
  • Each team should have a designated captain that will have the responsibility to communicate with the administrator. The team captain should communicate his contact informations to the tournament administrator so that he can be contacted quickly in the case of an emergency.
  • Every player has the responsibility to inform himself/herself about his/her schedule.
  • A missing player or an incomplete team at the designated match will declare forfeit if he or they are not present in the following 15 minutes.
  • Every tournament will have its own format.
  • If you are in the top 3 teams of your tournament, you will have to be present for photos and signatures.
  • Substitution can only be made by players from a same team (not a clan) and must be approved by an administrator. You must do your substitution before the match. If a player should leave during the match, the team has to continue or forfeit.
  • Custom HUD will be accepted. If you think that your HUD seems inadequate, ask an administrator.
  • Every dispute should be supervised by an administrator.
  • It is possible that the matches of a tournament will be played on stage. If that is the case, the presence of all players is mandatory.
  • Winners of cash prizes must be available for an interview and photos.

Claiming your prize

  • When you receive a prize, you must present yourself to the tournament administration desk and fill out all necessary documents
  • If you are unable to be present at the administration desk, it is your responsibility to contact the tournament officials to claim your prize (
  • Once all necessary information is in our possession, you will receive your prize within the following 4 months.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Tie breakers

Sonneborn-Berger score (Neustadtl score)

A player's tiebreaker score is calculated by adding the sum of the player's points they have defeated to half the sum of the player's points they have drawn against. The higher the better.


A player’s score is the sum of the time of his victories. The lower the better.

Koya score

The sum of points achieved against all opponents who have achieved 50 % or more.

Cheating and Unsportsmanlike Behavior

No forms of cheating in the tournaments will be permitted, no matter what form they might take. The participant agrees to use nothing more than the options contained within a game, and not to modify these options in a way that might give them an unfair advantage. Cheating can take several forms and includes Match fixing.

Lan ETS reserves the right to verify the configuration of any computer to verify that it conforms to the tournament rules and regulations. Lan ETS may also sporadically verify various players' computers. Furthermore, any player who refuses to let a tournament administrator verify their computer will automatically be considered to be cheating .

In the case of team competitions, the entire team will be held accountable for a cheating verdict for the current tournament. It is therefore the responsibility of the team to verify the configuration of each of their players before each tournament. Failure in this will result in the application of the previously mentioned consequences.

All players exhibiting what Lan ETS staff considers to be unsportsmanlike behavior will be expelled from the event without a refund or discussion. Examples of unsportsmanlike behavior: verbal or physical violence or harassment, any sort of threat against Lan ETS staff or other players involving the voluntary theft or damaging of equipment belonging to Lan ETS or anyone else. Legal charges may be pressed against any person exhibiting such behavior.

Players caught cheating may have their ticked revoked and have to leave the event.

Players caught cheating may be prohibited from participating in future Lan ETS tournaments for a period of time at the discretion of Lan ETS.

Players banned from a competitive league may be refused entry in our tournaments.