Lan ETS 2022
École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)

What is Lan ETS?

Lan ETS is the biggest Lan Party of North America's east coast. Each year more than 1000 gamers compete in several tournaments for their chance to win over $20'000 in prize money. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to offer the best LAN Party experience to our attendees. Our executive members are future engineers with a passion for video games and event organization.

Opening Hours

Friday (May 13th) Saturday (May 14th) Sunday (May 15th)
Players 6PM - 12AM 12AM - 12AM 12AM - 5PM
Visitors 6PM - 12AM 8AM - 12AM 8AM - 5PM
Exhibitors area 6PM - 9PM 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 5PM
Canteen 6PM - 2AM 9AM - 2AM 9AM - 8PM


École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)


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Activities Stunts, Cosplay, Scavenger Hunts and many more!

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Tournaments From button smasher to elite strategist, either you fight with a gun or your fists,
only the bests will raise as victors

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Exhibitors Your favorites brands, shops and game studios

What We Provide

Game Servers

Game servers for tournaments and public games servers will be available during the entirety of the event.

Game Consoles

Game consoles will be available on site for tournaments.

Rest Area

A general area will be converted into a rest area for both nights. It is permitted to bring sleeping bags, sleeping mats and pillows.


A Chair

A chair is provided with each space. However, it is permitted to bring one’s own chair for personal comfort.

Space on a Table

During registration, seat reservation can be made using the floor plan. A seat is therefore allocated to each paying participant.

Network Cable

Upon arrival, participants will find their assigned seat equipped with a network cable, allowing access to the Lan ETS internal network as well as the Internet network.

Electrical Outlet

Each seat is equipped with one and only one electrical outlet. Consequently, it is essential to bring a powerbar in order to plug in your computer, screen and any accessories.

What to bring

Your Computer

Do not forget screen, mouse, keyboard AND power cord.



Sleeping Bag

Rest area will be available for both nights of the event. It is encouraged to bring sleeping bags, sleeping mats and pillows. Participants are permitted (although not advised) to sleep at their reserved place provided that they remain in their seat. It is forbidden by fire safety regulation to sleep on the ground or under tables. Participants who do not cooperate will be asked to move.

Pocket Money

What NOT to bring

Alcohol and illicit substances

Alcohol consumption and illicit substances on ground is forbidden at all times. Any violation will result in immediate expulsion from the event without reimbursement


Fans and unnecessary power consuming equipment (like a UPS)


The Lan ETS registration process ensures that all the main equipment is electronically tagged and the entrances and exits are actively controlled to identify the equipements and their owners. Please be patient when you wait for registration as this process is in place to help secure your belongings. Despite the security in place, we are not responsible of the participant personal property, including his hardware and electronic data. For more information, see the terms and conditions here.