What is the maximum screen size I can bring?
32 inches
Can I attend the event without paying?
Yes, visitors will be able to visit the event for free. However, visitors will not be allowed to bring a computer and have network access. In addition, assigned seats will not be available to visitors.
Do I need to register somewhere to come as a visitor?
Yes, at the entrance visitors will receive a specific bracelet to identify them as visitors.
Can I accompany a player throughout the weekend?
Yes, it is possible to be a visitor during the event. Visitors do not need a specific ticket to enter the event.
Can I bring speakers?
No, only headphones are accepted.
What is the table space allowed for each player
2 feet 8 inches wide by 2 feet deep (32x24). (81.2cm par 61cm)
Can I bring my own chair?
We provide chairs, but you can bring your own computer chair.
Can I bring my air mattress?
Yes, but it is important to inflate it outside the rest area to avoid waking anyone. Inflatable mattresses are only allowed in the rest area.
Can I bring my own food?
Yes, it is allowed to bring food into the event, it is suggested to limit the brought food to cold lunches as there won't be any microwaves. However, coolers and any other bulky item brought to store food will not be permitted. There will also be a cantina on-site.
What is the minimum age to participate?
Minors must bring a signed parental authorization and present photo ID and date of birth to be admitted. https://lanets.ca/static/doc/authorization-en.pdf. An adult supervision is required at all times for children under 12 years old.
What do I need for the console tounament?
You need to bring your controller. You can bring your setup if desired.
Where can I find an object that I lost?
All the lost items during the event will be kept at the tech support area. After the event, please contact directly l'École de Technologie Supérieure.
Where can I park my car?
Several indoor or outdoor parking lots (including one directly in École de technologie supérieure) are available around the École de technologie supérieure.
What COVID regulations will there be during the event?
The Participants are obliged to follow the regulations issued by the Government of Quebec and the Public Health. The Participants have an assigned place and must respect it. To date, the regulations to be respected are as follows : Masks will be mandatory throughout the venue and proof of vaccination will be required if requested by the Public Health Please note that the regulations will be updated according to the indications of the Government of Quebec and Public Health. Any breach of these rules of conduct may result in the expulsion of the Participant without any possibility of appeal or refund.