League of Legends @ Lan ETS 2020

BYOC Premium

2nd Place

$ 2500

1st Place

$ 6000

3rd Place

$ 1500


Name Status
AD 1vs9
Breakfast Plate
Broski Esports
Bruh Moment
Champlain Cavaliers
Champlain College Esports LoL
Coin Garette pawk pawk
Couguars LoL
Dark Allegiance Academy
DemoniakG inferno
DemoniakG nightmare
Durham Lords Esports
Eclipse Esports
Egirl Bangers
ETS Ember
ETS Frost
ETS Quake
ETS Spark
Frontside eSports Blue
Frontside Gold
Gladiators E-Sports
Gros gars en gros
GVT Core
Hail Hydra
HEC Montreal
Hentai Heroes
Hopeless Destiny
Horizon League of Legends A
Horizon League of Legends B
Jayce Hecarim Combo
Lambton Lions
LaSt TwO bRaIN Cell
Les Boomers
Les Capitaines - LoL
Les pouces à Michel
Les Pouilleux
Les Robots Dino
Let Me Out E-Sport
Life Support
Lizard wizard in a blizzard
Mirage Esports
Night Walkers Gaming
Nordik Esports
NTNS Gaming
On Vous Mmmh Dessus
Org QC Dif
Original Esports
Phoenix Rebirth Embers
Phoenix Rebirth Redux
Rebelles LOL Bravo
Rebelles LOL Charlie
Revival Alpha
Revival Esports
Revolution Deathsquad
S9 Diamonds
Shadow Esports
Team 21
Team Alex Blais
Team Basile
Team Disconnected
The Warthog Synergy
The Wise Vegetables



1. General

1.1 Definition of Terms

  • Tournament Administrator: Person in charge of your tournament. You can find who are your Tournament Administrators by looking at the Discord’s roles.
  • Tournament’s platform: Website where you registered to join the tournament. Most likely on Toornament, Battlefy or Smash.gg.
  • Team: Group of players who compete in the tournament together as a unit. If the tournament is played solo, a team or the captain refers to the player.

1.2 General Rules

  • Every player must be registered on the tournament’s platform.
  • Every player must join the public Discord (https://discord.gg/Kwmg87y) and frequently look out for the announcements of his tournament before and during the tournament.
  • Every player must read, understand and agree to the rules for participation in the Lan ETS tournament. Players agree to and consent to these rules, as well as Lan ETS’s authority to enforce them, as a condition of their participation. Each player is therefore expected and required to abide by the Rules, and any failure to follow them will result in punitive measures.
  • Every player and substitute for the team must own a BYOC tickets before the tournament.
  • Every player has to be physically present at Lan ETS to participate in any tournament.
  • Every player must play with his main game account during the entire tournament. No smurf allowed.
  • Finals might be played on stage. If that’s the case, the teams are required to comply.
  • Every team must hold an appropriate name. Any team attempting to sign up for a tournament with a name deemed unsuitable will be asked to create a new team name in order to participate.
  • Rules are subject to change by Tournament Administrators at any given time if deemed necessary.
  • Any Tournament Administrator decisions are final.

1.3 Schedule

  • The tournament will run from February 15th to 16th, 2020.
  • One player per team, preferably the captain, must check in at the administration table on Friday, February 14th, before 10:00PM EST to confirm their attendance. Any important additional information regarding the course of the tournament will be given at this moment.
  • Tournament registration will close on Friday, February 14th at 10:00PM EST.
  • The tournament will start on Saturday 15th, 2020 at 9:00AM EST. It is your responsibility to reach the opponent’s captain with the information provided on the tournament’s platform to start your games as soon as possible.
  • Each team is responsible to be aware of it’s schedule at all time and ready at the scheduled time to play it’s game. If a team is not fully present and ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled time, a penalty will be systematically applied to the said team.
  • The schedule has to be respected. Changes to the schedule are at the discretion of the Tournament Administrators and will be announced to the players.

2. Team Roster

2.1 Team Captain

  • Each team must have a designated captain. The captain is the link between the organizers, administrators and his team before, during and after the event.
  • The captain must be a member of the team.
  • The captain must check-in his team on Friday to the Tournament Administrators.
  • The captain has to give his team ranking average at the admin desk when checking-in on Friday to the Tournament Administrators.
  • The captain’s username on Lan ETS Discord must be his in-game name followed by his team name. E.g: Bobby[Team]
  • The captain has to report his team matches to the Tournament Administrators after each game.
  • The captain has to contact other captains during the tournament to coordinate the next game that has to be played.
  • The captain has to be reachable on Discord on all time during the tournament’s hours.
  • The captain has to frequently look at the tournament’s Discord channel to be aware of any announcement made by the Tournament Administrators.
  • The captain will be the spokesperson of the team in case of a dispute.

2.2 Substitute Players

  • Each team is allowed a substitute. The substitute must be added to the team roster before the start of the tournament.
  • Players and substitutes are allowed to be in one team during the tournament. Any team with a player enrolled in more than one team will be disqualified.
  • Players can only be swapped between games.

2.3 Streaming / Spectators

  • Streaming is allowed with a delay set to a minimum of 5 minutes unless mentioned otherwise by a Tournament Administrator.
  • In-Game spectators are not allowed at the exception of the allowed Lan ETS staff.
  • Official Lan ETS streamers are allowed to spectate any game at any given time.

3. Tournament

  • Any disputes must be brought up to a Tournament Administrator as soon as possible.

3.1 Tournament Rules

  • All items and Summoner’s spells are allowed.
  • If a new champion has been recently added to the game, the tournament administrators will notice every team either the champion is allowed or not.
  • If a player disconnects before 1:55 in-game and no kills were made nor any Summoner’s spells used, the game can be restarted with the same picks and bans. In any other cases, the team can use pause option for a maximal duration of 15 minutes. After these 15 minutes, the team must continue the game 4v5 while their player reconnects.
  • If a player disconnects during the champions selection screen, the game must be restarted with the same picks and bans that were already made.

3.1.1 Banned Skins

  • Steel Legion Lux
  • Blackfrost Anivia
  • Underworld Twisted Fate
  • Dark Valkyrie Diana
  • Blackthorn Morgana
  • Arcade Sona.
  • Mecha Aatrox
  • Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol
  • Arclight Varus
  • Justicar Syndra
  • Santa Gragas
  • iBlitzcrank
  • Project Ashe
  • Forsaken Jayce
  • Elementalist Lux
  • Nunu Bot
  • Frostfire Annie

3.2 Tournament Format

  • When a match ends, one member of each team has to report to the Tournament Administrator the match outcome. Following confirmation, your next match will be displayed on the tournament’s platform.
  • During the group stage, if a team is not fully present in the lobby 15 minutes after the scheduled time, their match will be automatically forfeit. Any matches that started after the scheduled time will be discarded. Proofs showing the current time must be presented immediately to the Tournament Administrators for confirmation.
  • During the playoffs, if a team is not fully present in the lobby 15 minutes after the scheduled time, they will lose the first Bo3 match. If after 30 minutes from the scheduled time of the first match the team doesn’t show, the series will be forfeited to the team present. Proofs showing the current time must be presented immediately to the Tournament Administrators for confirmation.
  • Each round of BO3 must be played one after the other. No break will be allowed between the rounds.
  • You may challenge scoring to the Tournament Administrators. Procedures and decisions are at the discretion of the Tournament Administrators.
  • Any delay must be immediately reported to a Tournament Administrator.

3.3 Tie Breakers

  • In case of a tie between 3 or more teams in the same group at the end of the group stage. The Neustadtl score will be used to break the tie. If the Neustadtl score does not identify the winners, Time of Victory will be used. Time of Victory breaks ties in favor of the team who played the shorter games in their victories and the longer games in their defeats.

3.4 Technical Issues

  • For any valid reasons (disconnection, lag, equipment issues, dispute), each team is allowed to pause the game for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. “Strategic” break are not allowed.
  • Team that requested pause need to announce the reason before or immediately after pause.
  • Custom game host/moderator/player have to pause the game immediately when a team request it in chat.
  • When resuming the game from pause, both teams need to confirm in chat that they are ready to continue.
  • If the total pause time of 15 minutes runs out, the game has to be resumed, no matter if the issue got fixed or not. If one team refuses to resume the game, the opposing team will receive a default win.
  • Tournament Administrators hold the right to request teams to pause during the match in case of any other issues, and the time used to pause the match will not count for the team it was requested to.
  • Tournament Administrators hold the right to make the final call in regards to a pause.
  • Any proven false claim of an issue in order to benefit a team will result in a sanction.

4. Code of conduct

  • All players are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship and maintain respect for one another, players, visitors and Lan ETS staff. They are to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated. Any behavior that is considered to be inappropriate and in violation of the code of conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Non-fair-play behavior, physical or verbal abuse towards players, staff, or any participant.
    • Acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with the intent to disrupt or undermine the legitimate operation of the Tournament, or to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person
    • Engaging in collusion, which is any agreement between two or more teams or players on different teams to predetermine the outcome of a game.
    • Hacking, exploiting, the use of any kind of cheating device and/or cheat programs, or any similar cheating method.
    • Intentionally using any in-game bugs or so-called “hacks” to seek an advantage.
    • Cheating, manipulating game files, using unapproved game modifications, or any other method by which one may gain an unfair advantage over another player.
    • Drugs, alcohol, illegal substances, illegal activities and gambling are strictly prohibited on-site. Players on the effects of drugs, alcohol or illegal substances may be removed from the tournament and/or the Lan ETS event.
    • Engaging in violence or any activity which is deemed in the judgment of the Tournament Administrators to be immoral, unethical, disgraceful, or contrary to common standards of decency.
    • Touching or otherwise interfering with lights, cameras or other studio equipment.
  • Any player who violates these rules may be disqualified or sanctioned. Warnings and sanctions may lead to the immediate disqualification and removal of the player and his team from the tournament and/or the Lan ETS event. This decision will be at the discretion of Lan ETS. You can talk to your Tournament Administrator if you see any improper or suspicious behavior.

5. Prizes

  • Once the tournament is over, if a team is part of the prize pool, it must present itself at the administration desk to fill out all necessary documents. If you are unable to be present at the administration desk, it is your responsibility to contact the Tournament Officials to claim your prize.
  • The prize is split equally among the members of the team.
  • Each team may have one designated person who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, responsible for distributing any prizing. This can be the same player as the Team Captain or another person entirely. Each player of the team must then present himself at the administration desk to give his agreement.