Heroes of the Storm @ Lan ETS 2019

BYOC Premium

2nd Place

$ 375

1st Place

$ 900

3rd Place

$ 225


Name Status
Celeb Gaming
Future Esports
La 640
North Root Council
Probe One
PsykoPaths Gaming
Rage Quit
Red Hot Chili Piments



The tournament will begin on Saturday 9th at 9 am and will end Sunday 10th February.

Announcement :

Please read all the rules before adding your team! By registering your team in, you confirm having read and approve the rules of the tournament.

You have up to Friday the 8th at 11:59 pm to register.

Each team must choose a captain that will be in charge of communication with the admin of the tournament. The captains must come and meet us on friday (from 6 pm) to confirm the presence and integrity of his/her whole team, at the Admin zone, near the main stage. The captain must be able to answer a message on discord within 10 minutes during the tournament.

Tournament format :

First part Round Robin, beginning on Saturday, 9 am :

Each team will be playing against all the other teams in a BO3. The best team will be qualified for the Higher Bracket, leading to the winner cash prize the day after.

During the Roung Robins, the maps will be played in this order (loser picks the next map or first pick):

  1. Garden of Terror
  2. Volskaya Foundry
  3. Battlefield of Eternity
  4. Dragon Shire
  5. Cursed Hollow
Second Part Higher (& possible consolation tournament) Bracket, beginning on Sunday, 9 am :

The teams will find themselves in a bracket leading to Victory (single round elimination), fighting in a BO3. The Grande Finale will be a BO5.

Functioning and management of the games (captains only) :

Every team’s captain must be present at 9 am on Saturday near the Admin zone. A “HotS” sign will be used to locate us.

Functioning :
  • We will distribute the matchups for the new Rounds via our Discord server (ex: 1 VS 5, 2 VS 4, 6 VS 3) to every captains. When a captains receive this notification, he must group up his team and get ready to play as soon as possible.
  • Once the game is over, the 2 captains of the teams must join us to tell us the winner of the game, the time length and the Battleground chosen.
  • Once all the games of a round are over, we will go to the next round, until all the rounds are done.
  • At the end of the day, we will communicate with you the names of the winners, who will go in the Higher Bracket. We will also tell the name of the teams who will be able to participate in the consolation tournament.
  • Bracket’s games will work the same way.

Rules :

  • A player can only be part of one team.
  • The goal to win a game is to destroy the enemy's Core.
  • All the heroes will be playable, except the ones banned during the draft.
  • All Battlegrounds will be available, except Blackheart’s Bay, the Haunted Mines and , obviously, all the maps from the Brawls (ARAM etc.)
  • A maximum of 3 pauses of 5 minutes will be allowed per team during a game, “strategic” pauses are illegal.
  • If a player is disconnected during a game, the team will be able to use up to their 3 consecutive pauses to give time for the reconnection. If, after the 3 pauses, the player is still unavailable to reconnect, the team must either forfeit, or continue in 4 vs 5 with an AI.
  • It’s forbidden to delete the replays during the entirety of the tournament.
  • Any exploitation of a bug to ensure a Victory will be punished by the loss of the game, during the Round Robin, or the disqualification of the Tournament, during the Brackets. The use of exploits and bugs can be checked by admins post-game.If you have any suspicion, tell us.
  • The integrated communication system of HotS is recommended, any other VoiP will NOT be accepted.
  • If a player is absent at the official beginning of a game, he has up to 15 minutes to arrive. Once this time is over, the uncomplete team will have to forfeit.
In case of a tie of points during the Round Robin, here are the Tiebreakers :
  • 2 teams are equal : a BO1 between them.
  • 3 teams or more are equal :
    • Neustadtl score will be used to rank the teams.
    • If the Neustadlt score gives another tie, the team will be ranked according to the total time length of all games ( less is better), taking in consideration the average time of each Battleground.
Banned skins during the tournament :
  • Maraudin' Muradin
  • Cyberhawk Kael'thas
  • Archangel Diablo
  • Striker Li-Ming
  • Druid of the Flame Malfurion
  • Countess Kerrigan Mount (bat)
  • Crimson Count Arthas Mount (gargoyle)

If a player chooses one of those skins, please tell him before the beginning of the game, and restart the draft. You have up to 1 minutes after the beginning of the actual game to notify the owner of the skin in the general chat, to restart the draft. After the 1 minute mark, the skins are definitive for the rest of the game, and the team will have a penalty (no more choosing a map).