League of Legends @ Lan ETS 2019

BYOC Premium

2nd Place

$ 2500

1st Place

$ 6000

3rd Place

$ 1500


Name Status
Arkalion Esport
Bloody Gaming
Can't Beat You
CEA x MTL Esports
Champlain College Esports
Chiefs Gaming
É-Lectriks 1
É-Lectriks 2
East Venison
ETS Ember
ETS Frost
ETS Spark
Frousted Gaming
Gigastuck Esports
Gladiators E-Sports
Hydra Esports
Kraken Esports
La tsite équipe
Les Capitaines A
Les Capitaines B
Let's Go les N3rdZ
Lowkey Esports
Mackogneurs du parc Poitras
Mantle Technology
My Chiefs Academia
Old School RuneScrape
PsykoPaths Gaming
Reggae Sharks
Saints Gaming LoL
Shadow & Friends
Shish Taouk
Sky Pelicans
Take a hit
Team Basile
Team Brickz
Team Pigeons
team solo jungle
The Mean Machines
The Salty Pretzels
Vortex Gaming
We Are Death
We are last minute




At 8:30 AM, all captains must be at the Bell zone (next to the admin zone) for a rules explanation.

Consolation Tournament: TBD

The tournament begins at 9h00 AM Saturday February 9th and ends Sunday, February 10th.

The tournament will take place in two phases;

The first phase is a round-robin qualifier, in which each team from each group will fight all teams from their group.

For the second phase, the two teams with the highest number of victories in each group will qualify for the official bracket.

Tournament format

Best of one in single elimination for the first rounds and best of three for the last rounds. To win a round, a team must destroy the Nexus or forced their opponent to surrender. The “tournament draft” game mode is used for the picks and bans system. The first picks and bans are decided with a coin toss. The lucky team then creates the game, choose side and invite the enemy team. It is your responsibility to ask for the coin toss, you can’t come back once the game has started. For the best of three rounds, teams will switch sides for the second game. The tournament administrators have the right to modify the team order before the tournament without notice. Lan ETS has the right to stream important matches.


A player can’t play for more than one team during the tournament.

All items and summoner spells are allowed.

If a new champion has been recently added to the game, the tournament administrators will advise whether or not the champion is eligible for the tournament.

Sylas will not be available for the tournament.

In case of a tie between 3 or more teams in a same group at the end of the group stage. The Neustadtl score will be used to break the tie. If the Neustadtl score does not identify the winners, Time of Victory will be used. Time of Victory breaks ties in favor of the team who played the shorter games in their victories and the longer games in their defeats.

For any valid reasons (disconnection, lag, equipment issues, dispute), you can use the “/pause” option for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. No “strategic” break allowed.

If a player disconnects before 1:55 in-game and no kills were made nor any summoner spells used, the game can be restarted with the same picks and bans. In any other cases, the team can use pause option for a maximal duration of 15 minutes. After these 15 minutes, the team must continue the game 4v5 while their player reconnects.

If a player disconnects during the champions selection screen, the game must be restart with the same picks and bans that were already made.

Because we are short on time, we can’t allow delays between matches. The maximal waiting time is 15 minutes. After that time, the team that is late loses and can be eliminated from the tournament. Meal times are scheduled. If you have to leave for a undetermined time, speak with a tournament administrator.

Banned skins:

  • Mad Scientist Ziggs
  • Frostfire Annie
  • Steel Legion Lux
  • Arcade Sona
  • Project Ashe
  • Project Ekko
  • iBlitzcrank
  • Underworld Twisted Fate
  • Astronautilus
  • Eternum Nocturne
  • Lunar Revel Cait
  • Forecast Janna

*Sportsmanlike behaviour is expected by all participants both in-game and out of the game.*

The official Riot tournament rulebook should also be read and applied apart from the rules listed above; https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/burningman-prod/tournament-rules/en_GB.pdf

Report a victory

*The team captain of the winning team needs to advise the tournament administrators at the tournament admin table.*


Decisions will be taken by a Lan ETS executive. Use the pause option if you are in-game.