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Why choose us

Lan ETS is a passionate team that offers many opportunities to its members, from learning trending technologies to gaining valuable experience, and much more.

Our mission

Produce high quality LAN party, accessible to everyone, in a way to support the eSports community and demonstrate expertise developed by ÉTS students.

What we do

At Lan ETS, we work all year long to ensure that everything is ready for the competition. The participation of every member is required to ensure the success of the event.


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Do you want to work on a website used by thousands of players? At Lan ETS our website is developed 100% by members of the club. Do you have an idea to improve it? Get involved!


Is organization your strength? It’s a good thing! Every year the logistics team has to make sure that everything runs smoothly, with over 1500 players.


Lan ETS needs many sponsors to ensure its quality. If you want to get in touch and establish relationships with companies, this department is for you!


The Lan ETS has its own server room to host its website. Members of the club ensure the maintenance throughout the year.


During the event, Lan ETS must provide a network capable of providing all the players present on the spot. This team must analyze, plan and ensure that the network is rock-solid for the competition.


A well-balanced budget is necessary when organizing such an event. If finances do not scare you, this challenge is for you!


An event of this size could not be possible without volunteers. Every year, more than 200 volunteers help the event. Do you have the leadership to support the volunteers? Come try!

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