Volunteering at Lan ETS

Volunteering at Lan ETS is an amazing opportunity to get hands-on experience into a unique event in a multitude of teams all with very different tasks. Every year, we rely on our volunteers to help create an event better in every way than the last!

No matter what interests you, from troubleshooting a faulty computer to helping out on stage, Lan ETS is the place to be! Here is a preview of the different teams for which we will be recruiting before the event. We dont specifically require previous experience for all teams, but some teams require a minimum of background in certain fields as certain skills are required. For example, members of our Tech-Support crew are often required to have some basic troubleshooting and computer skills as it's their main task during the event.

Here is a brief overview of a few of the different teams you can join. For any other questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

Tech-Support Spanning-Tree? DHCP? Breakers? Do these words seem familiar and fun? If so, then join our kick-ass Tech-Support team! Every year, our tech support team is in charge of maintaining the network and electricity on which almost 5000 devices rely for. We make sure you get that you stay connected!

Animation From our famous keyboard smash to our signature cosplay competition, there is a lot of activities to handle! Under supervision, you will assist our exec in creating awesome events from the Twitch Streams to the stage activities and much much more!

BoutiqueWho doesn't like swag? Especially an event swag to show off? As a member of the boutique team, your job will be to take care of our merchandise store under the care and supervision of one of our exec.

Game AdminsA critical part of our event is our BYOC tournaments. Every year, the Lan ETS crew selects games that will be featured during the event. Over the weekend, players will compete against each other under the supervision of the Game Admins. You will be responsible for creating brackets and handling players during your tournament.

ConstructionLan ETS was not built in a day. Wait... Yes it is! From an empty venue to the biggest lan party in Canada, the construction crew is in charge of setting everything up. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and doing a physical, but ultimately rewarding work, this job is for you!

EntranceDo you enjoy talking and interacting with people? If yes, then join the entrance team! You are quite literally the first person a participant will see. Your job will consist to check in and sell tickets to all players, visitors and VIP.

PatrolThe Patrol team is present to make sure the event goes well. As a member of this team, your job will consist of managing the traffic of entrance / exit, positioning of key sections and patrolling the event to ensure there is no problem.

No Specific TeamDon't know which team to choose? Just wanna help out in any way you can? Well that's ok too! With so many moving parts during the event, there is always work to do as a volunteer. Simply choose "No specific team" and we will assign you a job ourselves. Help is always appreciated, not matter where it comes from!