Tournaments 2020 part 5

On this rainy Halloween day, we have decided to give you a little surprise!

For the first time at Lan ETS, we will host a Fortnite tournament!


**Please note that the format will be announced in the next few weeks**

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Artist's Alley Inscription

After a big success in 2019, the Artist's Alley will be back for Lan ETS 2020!
Are you an artist or a local company? Well, you have the opportunity to exhibit and sell your different products or projects! 
If you are interested, you can fill out the form below: 

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Volunteers inscription

Looking for new challenges?
You're an avid gamer and would like to get more involved with the community?
Lan ETS is not possible without the hard work of our volunteers, so why not join us!
Join our lit team! 
For more information:

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Tournaments 2020 part 4

Here are two other BYOC tournaments for Lan ETS 2020! 

Hearthstone and PUBG !

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Tournaments 2020 part 3

It is now time to announce some Console tournaments!


Once again this year, we will have Super Smash Bros Ultimate as well as Super Smash Bros Melee!

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Tournaments 2020 part 2

We are adding Rocket League and Overwatch as tournaments for Lan ETS 2020!

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