Cosplay Judges

We are more than happy to announce our judges for the second edition of the Cosplay competition:
1: Scarlet Cosplay
2: Alix Cosplay
3: Nienna Surion
The Lan ETS cosplay competition is an amateur costume competition primarily based on animes, movies and comic books. Everyone is invited to dress up as their favorite character and show off your work on stage to have a chance to win one of our prizes. More than 500$ will be given to the winners:
1st: 300$
2nd: 125$
3rd: 75$
Some additional prizes will be given out by the judges to special mentions.


The event will be held on February 11th, 2017 at 12h00 at Place Bonaventure. If you want to participate, all you need to do is register with the Google form here. Make sure to follow the instructions and please note that a visitor ticket will be required as a minimum to enter the event and participate in the tournament. The deadline for online registration is the 10th of February 2017. It will be possible to register at the event until Saturday the 12th 10am.
All participants will be judged on the following criteria:
1. Quality of performance, originality and stage presence. 10/25
2. Conception, respect of original costume and expertise. 10/25
3. Embodiment of the personality of the cosplayed character. 5/25
If a participant desires a specific music during his presence on stage, he must advise us through the email address down below or by the Google form. If no music is received, the organizers will play the best-suited music for the costume.
Every participant will have a maximum of one minute to show off his or her costume.
It is possible to participate as a cosplay group, you will then be judged as one entity and the prize money will be delivered to one individual in the group. If you choose to participate as a group, enter all the participants name in the Google form or contact us through the email address below.
Insignificant prefabricated parts can be used but original work is preferred and will be favored by the judges.
Costume must be based on a character originated from a computer game, video game, movie, board game, anime, manga or comic book.
No symbol of provocative theme or racism is allowed, even if this symbol is included in the official art of the characters this should be replaced or picked out of the costume. Contestants must be able to go on and walk the stage by themselves, props must be carried by the contestant.
No assistant, entourage, company or partner is not allowed backstage or on stage. It is mandatory to confirm ones presence at the event a minimum of one hour before the competition. The competition will be live streamed, recorded and published online.
By signing up to the Cosplay competition all contestants agree to be photographed and filmed. The winner of the contest needs to be available after the event for a short interview.
In hopes of seeing you there, feel free to contact us for any concerns or questions.