Lan ETS 2017 Results

The event is over! Congratulations to all the winners! Here are the results:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [HYPER X]:

  1. Ayyyyyyyyy lmao
  2. Insomnia eSports
  3. BlackList

League Of Legends [Astro Gaming]:

  1. Reign
  2. DatZit gaming
  3. Team Horizon

DotA 2:

  1. Earthroot Gaming
  2. Team Veritas
  3. Viva la vida

Heroes of the Storm:

  1. High Council
  2. G.U.N. T.O.M.
  3. Earthroot Gaming

Starcraft II:

  1. Dhwlddjzj
  2. Semper
  3. Sottorks
  4. Disk
  5. ZenedoR
  6. Zacro


  1. Envision eSports
  2. Rivality Gaming [Dawn]
  3. Rivality Gaming [Night]


  1. Gaïa
  2. Duane
  3. MeknugetZz
  4. Luker
  5. Y0rk
  6. Twisted ...

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ASUS main partner for Lan ETS 2017

We are happy to announce that ASUS will be an official partner for Lan ETS 2017!

ASUS will have a booth in the Lan ETS exhibition area allowing you to play on their brand new computers! In addition to being able to play on their new computers, you will have the chance to challenge your friend at  Counter Strike on a 1 vs 1 setup!

That's not all, ASUS will also have several prizes to give throughout the weekend, do not forget to visit their booth in ...

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Ping Pong Tournament

Due to surprisingly high demands last year, Lan ETS in partnership with Loto Québec will be organizing a Ping Pong tournament. The competition will be held on the 11th of February between 1pm and 7pm. In order to participate in the tournament, the competitor will need to register in person Saturday morning at the admin table. There will be prizes from our various sponsors for the top 3 positions.

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Red Bull @ Lan ETS 2017

Lan ETS is proud to announce Red Bull as their exclusive energy drink sponsor for 2017!

Each year, we try to improve Lan ETS  and provide the best LAN party experience to our players. This year, Red Bull will bring our event to the next level, not only by being our exclusive energy drink partner, but also by making Lan ETS bigger.

First off, Red Bull is bringing the Super Smash Bros. Melee pro player William “Leffen” Hjelte to our ...

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Cosplay Judges

We are more than happy to announce our judges for the second edition of the Cosplay competition:
1: Scarlet Cosplay
2: Alix Cosplay
3: Nienna Surion
The Lan ETS cosplay competition is an amateur costume competition primarily based on animes, movies and comic books. Everyone is invited to dress up as their favorite character and show off your work on stage to have a chance to win one of our prizes. More than 500$ will be ...

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Bell named title sponsor of Lan ETS 2017

After several months of work, Lan ETS is proud to announce a partnership with one of the leaders in telecommunications in Canada. In 2016, Bell demonstrated interest in several video game events, it was a logical choice for Lan ETS 2017.

The partnership between Bell and Lan ETS will raise the quality of the event like you never saw. Bell will, of course, provide a 10Gbit/s connection to satisfy all your downloading needs during Lan ETS 2017!


Bell ...

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